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I’m Max Potter, and this is my site. Like many reformed geeks, I’ve done my time at a tech support call center, and I’ve heard all the computer questions everyone seems to ask. But now I’m not working for them anymore, and I don’t have to give the same constant advice of “turn it off, unplug it, leave it for 45 seconds, and turn it back on, and see if that helps?” to every computer problem from slow internet to blue screens of death to my personal favorite, a floppy disk (remember those?) in the blu-ray drive. Check out some of my internet tutorials, and ask any questions of your own in the comments, I’ll do my best to assist you!

4 Reasons to Hire Through Executive Staffing Agencies

When it comes to filling up job position in your organization, it’s often not straightforward as it may seem, particularly the top level ones. That is why some organizations go for executive search consultant services in recruiting fresh talents. These recruiting agencies specialize themselves in helping organizations find the right human resource for their open more »

Three Important Aspects of Guest Loyalty in the Hotel Industry

The hotel and lodging industry has changed dramatically over the years. Hotels today have more competition than ever and guests have the ability to affect a hotel?s success with reviews, online price comparisons, and internet marketing practices. Outsourcing the control of your hotel or lodging building to a property management company can return many advantages. more »

Three Advantages of Rotational Molding

Drug packaging in our modern world is at least a $66 billion industry. Flexible packaging and material handling is a vital part of that industry. The flexible packaging industry alone directly employs roughly 79,000 people. Rotational molding involves a heated hollow mold filled with a charge or shot of material which is weighted. From there, more »

Three Easy Tips for Choosing Your Low Volume PCB Assembly

When you are working with low volume PCB assembly, you sometimes have to take the good with the bad. You need to make sure you know what you are looking for and that you know who to go to in order to receive the best service in the quickest amount of time. When seeking out more »

Smart Geotagging and Other Forms of Data Analysis

We live in a digital age. And if our collective imaginations, portrayed in science fiction literature and films, are any indication, we will only continue to advance the technology that we have. This is, of course, if we can manage to reconcile our relationship with the planet, which few can deny has degraded significantly over more »

Deciding Whether to Use UTP or STP Cables

Wiring your home or office is a very important task. It makes sense that you want to learn which types of CAT5e cables to use for your upcoming wiring job. You’ll often hear about STP and UTP cables used, each offering their own distinct advantages. Here are three determining factors to think about when choosing more »

How Text Mining Provides Organization to the Internet

Text mining software is used to gather important information from text messages, emails, and internet communications. A variety of industries utilize text mining software for many purposes. In fact, it is even possible that you, as a consumer have either used or had your information mined for advancement purposes. Some of the most common uses more »

Increasing Excavation Shoring Safety with Trench Boxes

There are many projects that require the deep digging into the planet. Even with OHSA safety standards and federal regulations, this can be dangerous. For one thing, it is not always predictable what is underground and the ground may not be entirely stable. Additionally, workers who must go into the ground can unsettle the ground more »

Temporary Road Construction Projects Involve Various Stages of Support Systems

As convention centers, empty warehouses, and churches prepare to open their doors to the thousands of Texans who are seeking emergency shelter, the truss bridge and trench box industry prepares to begin the rebuilding process that will likely take place for years. Even before the rains of Hurricane Harvey leave the area, both churches and more »

Shoring Systems Provide Stability to Road and Bridge Construction Projects

The residents of Houston, Texas, are a long ways from considering the rebuilding process, but an entire industry waits in the wings in preparation to help with this process once Hurricane Harvey leaves the area. In fact, understanding the use of excavation shoring requirements will be an essential part of both the recovery and rebuilding more »